Forecasts of the euro exchange rate for August 2018.

The forecast of the euro against the zloty was prepared for the month of August. During this month, we expect major fluctuations in the European currency. Large fluctuations will allow us to make a good income as long as our decisions are wisely thought out and planned in advance.

The main reason for exchange rate destabilization will be better data from euro area economies relative to the Polish economy, contrary to the expectations of economists with weaker GDP growth in the summer period in all European countries. Exchange rates may also fluctuate strongly. That is why it is worth, so often read our forecasts, because they can change.

In our forecast, we described when to buy and when to sell the euro. The obvious goal is to profit from operations.

For the amount of investment, we invariably take our 10,000 zlotys again. On August 1, we paid an average of 4 zlotys and 28 groszy for one euro. It is quite a relatively low rate from the last few months and gives us a lot of food to think about whether it is worth exchanging our zloty for the euro. We are telling you that it is worth stopping this decision, because the exchange rate will weaken further in the following weeks of the month of August.

We bet that around Wednesday, August 15 or Thursday, August 16, the rate will fall below PLN 4 and PLN 0.20. So the question is whether to buy the euro or stop it.

It looks like we will buy the euro. After a forecast rate of around 4 zlotys and 24 groszy, we will have 2,000 euro at the disposal of 10,000 zlotys after the exchange. It would be good, therefore, that the next days of August would bring a change of course. We will be very lucky and at the end of the month of August the euro will go up to around PLN 4, 30-32 cents. Then we will sell the euro and buy zlotys. Thanks to the sale, we will earn some PLN 187.

Well, we will wait for major upheavals and bigger earnings for September. We predict that the exchange rate will change dramatically and they will change between PLN 4 and PLN 0.20 to PLN 4.35. Fluctuations in such a range will allow us to gain much more profits. More information will be available soon.

A short summary:

When conducting a currency exchange transaction within a period of not two months, we should earn a good few hundred from the invested PLN 10,000. In our opinion, it is still better than for any investment in a bank or investment fund. By operating larger amounts of money, we have a good chance of earnings and the risk of starting is not that big.

But to earn such money you have to turn it in the money counter. We will not be able to pay for it in the bank, because the bank wants to make a profit and would earn an estimated PLN 500 on our 10,000 zlotys. We would lose more than they gained. So it is worth remembering about it.

Of course, all data and information published on our website are meant to be just a forecast for you. And the forecast is different. From the relationship, with which we do not accept any responsibility for your transaction.